Portland's All-Male House Cleaning Company

Welcome to Cub Cleaners!

We are a unique local business, dedicated to doing a superior job of cleaning your home, apartment, or condo. We supply a fun, free-spirited guy to clean your place. In the true spirit of Portland, they will wear whatever you want (or not). Our emphasis is on high-quality professional work in an atmosphere of self-expression and good clean entertainment. This is Portland house cleaning at its best!


Call on us just because:


You are tired of cleaning your place and need a break. And some entertainment.


You need help preparing for your party. Or a serious cleanup the next morning. Or both.


You could use help preparing for visitors. You know they are about to descend on you.


Then kick back and enjoy. You can use a break. Our Cubs are efficient, trained professionals who will make sure your place is spotless enough for a visit from your mother.


So pick a Cub and get your place sparkling!