Frequently Asked Questions

The following FAQs should address most of your concerns. If you have any others, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Q: Can I get a Cub in Vancouver? Gresham? Wilsonville?

A: While we recognize that people in Vancouver and Gresham need their places cleaned, too, many of our Cubs are students who use public transit. If you feel your place is easily accessible by transit, go ahead and book an appointment and we will try to accommodate your needs. If we can't make it work, we hope you will understand.

Q: Is all the cleaning clothing optional?

A: He’s there to clean, so what he wears—or doesn't wear—is up to you. He’ll happily wear clothes, underwear, or a jock or work in his birthday suit. When you set up an appointment online, you specify his attire.

Note: Your Cub cannot clean in his underwear or nude when someone under the age of 18 is at home. Also, he cannot work outside in public view in underwear or less.

Q: Is this business legal?

A: Yes, of course! We are licensed to provide professional home cleaning services. We want you to have a good time watching in the spirit of good-natured fun. Ask questions and share your own experiences, but we ask that you don’t do anything that might make the Cub feel uncomfortable. If he feels threatened, he will tell you. If you ignore him, he has our permission to leave and you forfeit the cleaning fee.

Q: What cleaning will the Cub do when he visits?

A: We have a standard list of tasks we expect he can usually accomplish within the two-hour minimum visit. (See Standard Cleaning Services.) We estimate that our standard two-hour service is sufficient to clean a two-bedroom, two-bath apartment or condo with a kitchen, living room, dining room, and hallway. Some homes and apartments are smaller or cleaner than others, so if he finishes early he will be happy to do other tasks until his time is up.

To take full advantage of the Cub's cleaning time, we recommend that you pick up clothing, toys, and other clutter before he arrives. The more he has to pick up and figure out where things belong, the less time he will have to do actual cleaning.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: We want to make it easy for you. Unlike many cleaning services, we don't require an estimate before we arrive, there is no contract, and our fees are lower than those of other services. We take a chance that our service will be so good that you will want us back again and again. A standard two-hour cleaning session costs $80. Other Portland companies cost more:

         Maid Brigade–$ 88.50

         Mess Maid Right–$120.00

         Domestica Household Services–$84.00 (after $300 initial visit)

Of course we pride ourselves in doing a better job than anyone else. Plus, none of these services supply you with free entertainment: cute friendly guys to look at.

Q: Do I have to sign a contract? Get an estimate in advance?

A: No! We want to make it easy for you. We do not require a certain frequency of visits and we do not provide estimates. When you reserve a Cub the first time, we ask that you fill out a short questionnaire that tells us where to find your place and how many rooms you have. When he arrives, he will have you read and agree to our Service Agreement to make sure you understand the services we provide and what your responsibilities are. That's it.

Q: What sorts of cleaning duties will he not do as part of a standard visit?

A: You will need to reserve a longer deep cleaning visit if you want to include washing blinds, steam cleaning carpets, washing windows or walls, cleaning cabinet interiors, and so on. That usually requires a four-hour visit, but we will certainly work with you. (See Deep Cleaning Services.)

We instruct our Cubs not to clean up after your animals or toxic parties, or handle any items that might be considered biohazards.

Q: Do you guarantee your services?

A: Of course! If after final inspection you notice an oversight related to the task agreed upon with the Cub, he will take care of it immediately at no additional charge. (See Guarantee Policy.)

Q: Do I have to be home when my house is cleaned?

A: No, although we don't know why you wouldn't want to be there to inspect the work and to enjoy the entertainment. Sometimes you may travel and want to return to an immaculate house. If you will not be there, arrange directly with your Cub for entrance to your home or apartment. And, please remember to turn off your alarm system.

Q: Do I have to tip the Cub who cleans?

A: Just as when you are at a restaurant, tipping is not mandatory. But if he does a good job, you should be generous. Cubs keep their own tips and do not share them with the company, so if they work hard and meet your expectations, you should feel comfortable rewarding them accordingly.

Q: I have a pet. What should I do with him?

A: We love pets, but they are not always friendly to strange people invading their territory and many are determined to escape. We recommend you lock up any skittish pet securely in a crate or room during your cleaning visit.

Q: Who provides cleaning equipment and supplies?

A: Cubs bring along their own basic supplies to clean and polish. Whenever possible, these are natural products that are environmentally friendly. You will need to provide a vacuum cleaner if you have carpets, and a broom, mop, and bucket for hard floors. If you have your own product preferences—or if you are sensitive to cleaning chemical smells—your Cub will happily use whatever you provide. Be prepared to provide anything that is non-standard; for example, granite polish, silver polish, or shoe polish.

Q: These guys are great! Can I get a Cub for other odd jobs around the house?

A: We will make every effort to accommodate your request. Let the office know in advance what your needs are and we’ll check them against the inventory of skills we have available. We have available licensed bartenders and food handlers, a chef, dog handlers, gardeners, a well-known DJ, personal trainer, and others. If you have errands to run, light administrative or secretarial work to do, decorating for your party or serving guests, tending bar, packing for moving (or unpacking), walking your pets, organizing rooms, polishing your shoes, watering your plants, and so on, we can usually accommodate your request. (See Other Services.)

Q: Can I have more than one Cub Cleaner visit?

A: Yes. If you want two Cubs, just reserve two guys individually for the same time slot. Of course you will be paying for two guys to work.

Q: Can I have friends over to watch him clean?

A: Because some homes are shared by couples or roommates, the Cub assumes there might be a second person present. However, if he arrives and there is an audience of three or four people waiting for him, he has instructions to call the office. He is there to clean, not perform, and he can leave if he feels unsafe.

If you want to plan a party to watch your house being cleaned, contact the office first. We will work with you to make sure our party if fun and safe for everyone. We can even supply a licensed bartender for your cleaning party. You will be charged an appropriate fee for each Cub.

Q: I’m a photographer. Will the Cub pose for me?

A: He is there to clean, but we occasionally have requests from artists. If you want to sketch or photograph him working for that period of time, check first with the office and we'll notify the Cub. Modeling is not part of our standard services, but Cubs are usually happy to do so, and you should tip accordingly.

Q: Do you have a referral program?

A: Yes. If you recommend Cub Cleaners to any friends, have them mention your name when they reserve a cleaning appointment and we will send you a discount coupon for your next visit. We'll also give them an extra half hour of cleaning free on their first appointment, so your friend will love you.

Q: Can I get a massage, or . . .?

A: You already know the answer to this one. Cub Cleaners is a professional cleaning service and not a dating or escort service. None of the cubs are licensed massage therapists, so don't ask. Do not make the Cub uncomfortable by asking for any type of erotic service. While our Cubs are cheerful and friendly, they are there to clean. Each has his individual limits as to what is offensive. If you are unsure, don't be afraid to ask.  If he feels threatened, he will tell you. If you ignore him, he has our permission to leave and you forfeit the cleaning fee.

Q: If he does a great job, may I marry him?

A: That’s up to him. We don’t offer a dating or matchmaking service. You must, however, invite us all to the wedding.