We charge a flat rate of $45 per hour, so a three-hour cleaning would be $135. The more time you book, the bigger area and/or the deeper your Cub will be able to clean. You may prioritize which areas or tasks you'd like your Cub to focus on to maximize his time there, but he will find plenty to clean with or without specific instructions. Please allow at least 45 minutes per room as well as additional time for any deeper cleaning tasks such as cleaning the inside of your oven or refrigerator to ensure there's enough time to cover each area you'd like cleaned.



You may pay online with a credit card or directly to your Cub with a credit card or cash after your cleaning. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.



Although gratuity is not required, if your Cub exceeds your expecations, he will greatly appreciate your generosity for a job well done. We prefer that tips are paid directly to the Cub in cash, but we will gladly ensure that he receives 100% of all tips regardless of whether they're paid by cash or credit card.


Guarantee Policy

We want you to be completely satisfied with our work. If after final inspection you notice an oversight related to the task agreed upon with the Cub, he will take care of it immediately at no additional charge. If he has left and you notice within 24 hours that your Cub missed something, he will return, fully clothed, and redo that area at no charge to you.


Changes and Cancellations

Our online reservation service enforces a minimum 24-hour notice of a change or cancellation. If you have a true emergency, contact the office. (See Contact Us.)

Dangerous weather, unanticipated transportation issues, sudden illness, or family emergencies sometimes arise. We will work with you to reschedule your cleaning or provide another Cub.

Service Agreement

Booking a Cub to clean your living space indicates that you fully understand and agree to abide by some basic policies. On his first visit, the Cub will bring a written version of this agreement for you to sign.


It covers things such things as:

  • Confidentiality. How we protect your privacy.
  • Tools and supplies. What he brings and what you provide.
  • Security and safety. How we protect our Cubs.
  • Pets. How to deal with your pet rabbit or pit bull.
  • Minors. Cleaning around kids.
  • Photography. About taking pictures of your Cub.
  • Keys and alarms. For the off chance you aren't home.
  • Hazardous materials. Yikes!
  • Injuries. We have never had any, but.  .  .
  • Parties. More than three is a party, not a cleaning session.
  • Other services. Our Cubs have a variety of skills.
  • Behavioral limits. So you know what's naughty and what's nice.

We recommend you click here for a copy of the Client Service Agreement.