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KATU, the local Portland ABC TV affiliate, did a piece on Cub Cleaners.
Check out the video here. (3/3/2014)

Portland Mercury

Portland Mercury posted a story and review on their blog, titled "The Day a Naked Man Came to Clean My House," by Courtney Ferguson. Read the full review here. (6/10/2013)

From North Portland

"I marveled at his cleaning ability.  He went to work, was focused on his job and had a plan worked out as to how to tackle each room.  I was amazed at his work, his work ethic and professional attitude in battling the task at hand.  If anyone asks for a recommendation for Ginger, you can send them my way, because I will be more than happy to recommend  him to any client.  He is terrific."


From NW Portland

"He did an amazing job! After he left I looked closely to find something he missed and I couldn't find anything. He worked very hard, hardly took time for a deep breath, and finished everything on his list plus some extras. I'll definitely have someone from Cub Cleaners again very soon. He looked pretty cute in his underwear, too."


From Lake Oswego

"He cleaned my house about a week ago and did a superb job. He was extraordinarily thorough and demonstrated excellent customer service skills. He was very conscientious, making sure continuously throughout the process that he was meeting my expectations. I look forward to using Cub Cleaners again in the future."


The good reviews keep flooding in. Here are some examples.


From Yelp - Dean M.

“I use Cub Cleaners as my regular cleaning service, about twice a month. The guys show up and get down to business cleaning right away and my place always feels better afterwards! I have had the good fortune to avail myself of the services of Cubs Ginger, GoldenHeart, Charlie, Logan, Boots, and Ralph - all at separate times. Each guy brings his unique personality to the job, we have pleasant and amusing conversations, and my house gets clean too. I have had them do work outdoors and indoors and they never complain. They complete all the items on my “to do” list and usually have a few minutes to spare.


I would recommend Cub Cleaners to any of my friends or clients—and I often do!”


From Yelp - James J.

“This is one of the best things I’ve ever done. You know they are cleaning well when they clean places you never even thought about cleaning! I had cub Ginger doing the work and he was professional, through and fast! I plan on having Cub Cleaners back again and again!”


From Yelp - Ken B.

“I have used Cub Cleaners on two occasions so far and I plan on continuing biweekly. Both [Cubs] have done an outstanding job not only in cleaning my loft but providing amazing social interaction and entertainment. I highly respect what Buck is doing and he runs the company professionally and tactfully. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a unique cleaning experience to look to Cub Cleaners for their entertainment as well as superb cleaning. I am looking forward to trying another Cub on my next visit to get to meet more of the team and would also consider recommending Cub Cleaners for other services like support when hosting parties.”


From Yelp - Jerry D.

“I had asked for a different cub to clean but the morning of the cleaning he can down ill and the office sent Ginger. What a blessing and such a gift. Ginger is proficient in his work and knows exactly what to do. My house has never been cleaner. I so recommend Cub Cleaners and not a bit prejudiced but really really recommend Ginger as your cleaner. You will be impressed and so pleased. I could ask for a better Cub to come into my home.”


From Yelp - Pablito C.

“Last Christmas I was looking for a fun and unique gift for my partner. We have been dating for a while so I didn’t want to give him something frivolous that he would soon forget or that would end up stashed away in his closet. He had been complaining the previous month over how much of a mess his kitchen was and that he’s bathtub was in dire need of a good scrubbing. His demanding job left him tired and with little time to give his house a thorough cleaning. By mere coincidence I stumbled upon a link to Cub Cleaners, a nude male housecleaning service available in the Portland Metropolitan area. Yes. You read correctly... NUDE MALE HOUSECLEANING.


“I knew I had to hire these guys immediately. Cub Cleaners quickly delivered a gift certificate to me and I was able to give it to my boyfriend on Christmas day. He LOVED it! Cub Cleaners offers several different “Cubs” to book to clean your home. If you’re into the “bear” type who is a little bit chubby and furry or if you prefer the “jock” type who is smooth and athletic, Cub Cleaners has several handsome housecleaners for you to choose from. We both appreciate a beefier man with a hairy chest so we decided to book “Cub GoldenHeart”. A few weeks later our Cub Cleaner arrived for our cleaning appointment, got naked and immediately went to work. My partner and I sat back while drinking wine together and watched our Cub scrub the place wearing nothing but his birthday suit and a big smile. He was cute, friendly, and incredibly thorough too! These guys are definitely no novelty! He left our place sparkling clean!


“Now I know that some of you might not be comfortable with a naked man cleaning your home. However if you’d rather they clean your place in their underwear or fully clothed, they will leave your place immaculate. We have hired them more than once now and are always impressed by how professional they are. Book your cub today! You won’t be disappointed.”