Service Agreement

Booking a Cub to clean your living space indicates that you fully understand and agree to abide by the following policies. Either Cub Cleaners or you, the client, can terminate services at any time, providing at least 24 hours notice.


Confidentiality. We keep your name, address, keys, details of the services we provide to you, and all other information secure and confidential at all times. Company records are kept locked. Computer records are secured with passwords. All financial transactions are encrypted and kept safe. Credit card transactions are processed by a third party and we do not have record of credit card numbers, security codes, addresses, or any other related data.


Cleaning Tools and Supplies. Your Cub will bring his own standard cleaning supplies. If you prefer that he use yours, be sure to give good instructions and cautions. He is not liable for damage done by cleaning supplies he does not normally use. For hard floors you need to provide a broom, a mop, and a bucket. If you have carpets or rugs, you need to supply a vacuum cleaner.


Security. We take seriously the safety of our workers. Your Cub will notify the office when he begins and ends each cleaning session so we know he is safe. You, as the client, assume responsibility for his safety as well. Please do not ask the Cub to perform any duties—cleaning or otherwise—that might make him feel unsafe.


Special Surfaces. We assume all surfaces can be cleaned with standard household cleaners and chemicals. If you have any surface that is not sealed or treated (for example, marble or granite surfaces), please notify the Cub so he cleans it properly. Otherwise, he cannot assume responsibility for the results.


Pets. To avoid interference, attacks, or escapes, we ask that you secure your pet in a cage, kennel, or locked room during the cleaning visit.


Minors. It should be obvious, but no one under the age of 18 can be present when a Cub is cleaning naked, in a jock strap, or in underwear. If a minor is present, he will do his cleaning fully clothed.


Photography. Having one’s photo taken is not part of normal housecleaning. But if you want to photograph the Cub working for that period of time, negotiate it with him when he arrives or ask the office in advance and we’ll check with him. Please do not pressure him to do anything that makes him uncomfortable. If in doubt, ask.


Keys. We assume someone will be home when the Cub arrives to clean, and therefore we do not need a key to enter your property. However, if you do not plan to be home, please arrange to have keys picked up.


Alarms. If you have an alarm system, please turn it off for the time your house is being cleaned. Because most of our clients are present during our visit, this is not usually a problem. If, however, you are gone and the alarm is triggered, he will not be responsible for any fees associated with the triggered alarm.


Biohazards. Cubs will not clean litter boxes, animal cages, human or animal feces, urine, vomit, or other biohazards, nor will they handle clothes, linens, rugs, or other fabric soiled by such hazards.


Bleach. The Cub will not use bleach because the risk of damage is great. If you want him to use bleach, he is not responsible for any resulting damage.


Injury. To protect our Cubs from injury, we do not ask that they climb tall ladders or require them to move items weighing more than 50 lbs. If you would like him to clean behind heavy objects, please move them prior to cleaning.


More than three is a Crowd. Because some homes are shared by couples or roommates, the Cub assumes there may be a second person present as he does his work. However, if he arrives and there are more than two people waiting for him, he has instructions to call the office to discuss it with us. He is free to negotiate the situation with you, or he can leave without cleaning if he feels unsafe. If you want to plan a party to watch your house being cleaned, clear it with the office first. We will make sure he is comfortable with the situation and we will provide an additional Cub or security person, at your expense.


Parties. Please ask about our party rates if you wish for us to help the host prepare for your party or serve food and drinks. We have Cubs who are trained chefs, food service personnel, and licensed bartenders.


Additional Services. If you need things done beyond the list of normal cleaning tasks, please check with the office in advance so we can make sure your requirements are adequately covered. Depending upon the tasks, we may need extra time.


Breakage and Missing Items. We exercise great care cleaning your home and will be very careful with your possessions. We cannot be responsible for replacing items that are of great monetary or sentimental value or irreplaceable. Please remove antiques, irreplaceable items, hard-to-find collectables, delicate family treasures, or other similar items for the day the Cub cleans. The Cub will provide reliable and trustworthy service. As a condition of that service, you waive all claims against him or the company, unless arising from clear malice on his part. Please notify the office of any problems within 24 hours.


Drinking. We would appreciate it if you did not drink excessively or consume illegal substances while the Cub is cleaning your space. Do not offer alcohol or drugs to the Cub, as he has instructions not to partake while working.


Behavioral Limits. Cub Cleaners is a premier cleaning business staffed by professionals who deserve respect. The nudity—or partial nudity—is for your entertainment and we hope you have fun watching. We are not an escort service and sexual acts of any kind are not on our list of services. Please do not cross your Cub’s comfort lines. If you do so, he will warn you. If you persist, he is instructed to leave without refunding the fee. If you have any questions about what is appropriate,

ask him. We want everyone to have a good time.


I have read and understand these policies and will abide by them. 

v 8-24-13