Meet Our Staff

The Cubs are, above all, trained professional cleaners and they all do a superb job.

And, yes, they are kind of cute and very outgoing. They have distinct looks and personalities so you should be able to find just the right guy for your job.


You have two ways to book a Cub:

    1. If you know who you want to work (or don't have a preference), click the Book a Cub Now! button.

   2. If you aren't sure who you want, review each Cub's page and pick one (and an alternate in case your first choice is unavailable). Then click the Choose a Cub button on his page.

You will be taken to our online reservation site to find a convenient time and fill out information about your place.

Note: On very rare occasions, distance between appointments make transportation difficult for some Cubs to reach far-flung areas. If there is a problem, we may contact you and recommend a substitute time or Cub...

Cub Aiden

Superhero pool boy.

Southern gentleman ready to catch those Pokemon and capture all of your dirt.

Cub Dave

Dancing knitter.

Animal lover ready to go wild on the dance floor as well as your bathroom floor.

Cub Frank

Traveling musician.

He's toured seven European countries and would love to add Ireland as his eighth.

Cub Jack

Passionate writer.

He loves to explore, cooks up a storm, and can tackle any task thrown at him.

Cub Ryan

Native seaman.

He's traveled to as far as Bahrain and Qatar, and will help keep your ship just as tidy. 

Cub Timo

East coast comedian.

Joke-dropping bad boy, inquisitive traveler, and disciplined cleaner to keep your place in line.

Join Us?

Want to join us?

We're always looking for guys with free time who love to clean in their birthday suits.