Cub Aiden

Our handsome, bearded, ginger Cub Aiden hails from the Northern Florida city of Jacksonville. Aiden was later raised in Tennessee. His early youth on the Atlantic Coast instilled in him a love of being in the water. But this love is also practical, and lends itself to improving your experience in the water.


“I have always been around water,” Aiden tells Cub Cleaners. “I was taught at an early age to swim and even clean pools.”


So, if you have a pool, you may want to add that to the list! While he loves the surf, he also has many turf-related interests. Horseback riding, hitting up flea markets, and playing Pokémon Go on his phone are some of them. One of his other jobs is to repair smartphones and iPhones, so he is clearly not technologically challenged. He says he learned how to clean from his grandmother, who was certainly thankful for his help around the house. As he loves the water, favorite destinations for Cub Aiden include the Bahamas -- where he got to see Blackbeard’s grave -- and Tybee Island, off of Savannah, Georgia.


“I went to Tybee for my friend’s wedding,” he said of the recent trip to the South. “I was best-maid,” he laughed. “I was a bridesmaid but prefer the term best-maid. We stayed in a beach house and drank too many mojitos.”


He came to the Pacific Northwest because he wanted to experience a new culture. “I wanted an entirely different experience. A new place to explore, swim, and hike.” He counts Sauvie Island as one of his favorite places to enjoy the water locally. Incidentally, he loves being nude, which is why he came to work for Cub Cleaners. “I’d love to hit up a clothing optional cruise,” is something he hopes to do in the future. He loves a good bonfire or firepit on a cool evening, which is something we have plenty of in the PNW.


As he is very active physically he hopes to go skydiving or Bungee jumping. When he’s inside, he enjoys hanging out naked, catching up on Game of Thrones, iZombie, or playing Elder Scrolls and other games online. He won’t turn down Italian food, crispy coconut shrimp, or his favorite -- a juicy steak smothered in mushrooms. Yum!


Why did he come to work for Cub Cleaners? He’s very good at cleaning. Oh, and did we mention he enjoys being naked? In addition to the cleaning products supplied by Cub Cleaners, he carries his own concoctions to get things perfectly cleaned.   


“Once I get started cleaning someone’s mess,” he laughs, “I can keep going, and going. Just like everybody’s favorite bunny. My granny taught me how to keep house and everybody knows granny’s can clean.”



As you can tell from the photos, he’s a fan of Batman and comic books. When you hire Cub Aiden, you’re getting not just a housekeeper, but a Superhero Housecleaner. Whether you’re hiring a regularly scheduled housekeeper, or someone to do a deep, thorough cleaning prior to moving in or moving out, Aiden is an ideal match.