Cub Frank

Pacific Northwest native Cub Frank, is a soft-spoken, rugged guy, with a sweet smile, and ginger complexion. We’re not sure, but he may be prone to giving great big hugs, too. He was born in Bremerton, WA, then raised in Mount Angel, and Molalla, OR. Frank embraced the outdoors lifestyle early-on in his childhood, where he was active in the Boy Scouts. He was very committed to them and even attended a national jamboree in Washington, DC. He also took part in adventurous pastimes like whitewater rafting, which he still enjoys. 


“I was also active in band, choir, and theatre,” adds Cub Frank. “I toured seven countries in Europe as part of a band trip.” He wants to add at least an eighth country to his European travels. “One bucket list destination is Ireland,” he added. 


Our friendly, soft-spoken cub also spent time in Montana pursuing chemical engineering. He loves Portland and, after his father left the Navy and chose to return to Molalla, Frank elected to stay here. Like many guys, he finds Portland is a great place to be a young urbanite, exploring all the city has to offer, and spending time with like-minded friends. While he still likes to get out there and enjoy all of what our beautiful Pacific Northwest has to offer, he’s also comfortable at home. He cites reading as a lifelong favorite hobby. As a modern dude, he also spends time at home playing video games.  


Now, we have a reputation for being foodies in Portland. In terms of food Cub Frank admits to a weakness and fondness for pizza. He’s lucky that the Portland Metro area has some great pies and pizzerias to choose from. Such a sweet guy has to have a sweet tooth. So, feel free to offer him some chocolate when he comes to clean your home. He’s also a strong, rugged dude. So, don’t be surprised to learn another favorite snack of his is jerky. He didn’t elaborate as to whether he likes exotic versions, such as elk, or duck, or moose, or venison, but he’ll certainly let you know his favorite when you meet him.


“I would love to become a forger, or welder,” Cub Frank says of his future. For now this strong, strapping young man is proud to take that eye for detail to your home. Until he forges a new career, check in with us to find out his availability for cleaning. With a sly smile he adds, “I can easily move big things around, to get to hard to reach spots.”